Is there any discout I can get?
Yes of course. The discount system is very simple. When you add a second font to the cart you will gain a 5% discount for your order. With every font you add, you add 1% discount. So 2 fonts 5% discount, 3 fonts 6% and so on till 40% discount. If you order an entire family with, for example, 18 fonts your discount will be 21%. Still with every additional font the discount goes up. All the fonts of one order count for the discount. Enjoy.

Licenses for more then 103 computers/100k pageviews?
For greater licenses please contact me directly. We will work out a specific contract.

Corporate customers only?
Because of my branding and magazine background the typefaces I design are made for a certain usage. Mainly design agencies and freelance designers will buy a license. My typefaces will be delivered in digital form. As a company I can expect you to know, that after delivery there will be no return and no refund.

VAT id number?
When you have a business in the EU you have to have a VAT id number, as soon as you invoice with VAT. Here in Germany in my invoices I have to add 7% VAT anyway. Customers from any other EU country have to enter their valid VAT id number into the customer detail page in order to pay no VAT. When there is no VAT id number 7% VAT will be added to the invoice, because our financial authorities will expect that.

You’re a type distributor?
Please contact me and we talk about it. Any direct purchase in the name of one of your customers immediatly breakes the license. I do not allow any reselling of my typeface licenses.

Installation problems?
I will help you with any of you technical problems. But it is more easy for me to know what computer model you use, what version of the operating system and what kind of application. Screenshot are very helpful sometimes. Make sure you explain your problem as detailed as possible and send me an email. In Mac OS the Font Cache can still cause some problems sometimes. Find additional infos at this Adobe Support page.

Open Type features?
With open type features the font software is more intelligent. It organizes the usage of ligatures or different kinds of figures and many other things. But keep in mind that not all applications can handle open type features. Please refer to your software manual.

Webfonts and Kerning?
My typefaces for web and print do have kerning. But not all browsers can handle that yet. There will be solutions for that in the future. In the meantime have a look at that: http://adamdscott.com/typography/kerning-for-the-web/
Mind that the pageviews are per month.

What does Hubert Jocham with its visitors data?
Hubert Jocham collects information to generate statistical reports concerning users of hubertjocham.de for Hubert Jocham's use only.