For some reason many people and even graphic designers think that a good brandmark is a symbol like the Nike swoosh or Apple. But reality tells a different story. 80 to 90 percent of all successful brandmarks are logotypes without any symbols. When you study graphic design you learn about typography. Typographic work deals with the use of typefaces. Not how to draw letters. It is how to place type on a format.

Logotype design means to design characters for one specific name. In an ideal world you draw the characters on you own without using any existing typeface. If I was a customer commitioning a designer to create a logotype I would expect to get something ownable. Something with no copyright from somebody else. Using an existing typeface for a logotype would actually mean that I have to ask the typedesigner for permission and tell the customer about this. Many foundries nowadays want extra money for the use in a brandmark. Tricky don't you think?  

Because I worked in branding and parallel to that in type design for so long I know about the qualities of a good logotype. First you have a name. So the simplest and best way is to give that name a shape. A symbol is something different and much more complicated and more expensive to make it work. 

So please don't hesitate to contact me in case you need a unique logotype.